Writers Coaching Ordering

To place your order for our writers coaching services, please fill out the form below.  The form serves as a contractual agreement.

Need to Knows Before Ordering

Before placing your order, please note the following:

1. As Writers Coaches, our goal is to teach you how to write a book professionally.  We will not write your book for you, unless, of course, you hire us as your Ghostwriter.

2. We will review your book twice.  The first time, we will offer suggestions and tips, and after you’ve rewritten or revised your book, you can resend it to us.  We will then review it once more and offer more suggestions and tips.  If you’d like to to reread it again, you would have to initiate a new order.

3. Be sure to make sure you are alone and can speak without interruption before setting up a conference time.  We don’t pause our clocks for hold time or call backs.

4. Be sure to come with a teachable spirit.  We look forward to working with you!