Book Critiquing

Where there’s a problem, there’s a solution.  The issue that often arises, however, is that many authors don’t know the proper way to write a book; therefore, they don’t see a problem.

With our book critiquing services, we will review your book, submit a critique (list of problems) to you, as well as a few recommended solutions.

What’s the difference between a critique and a manuscript review, you ask?  A manuscript review isn’t a list of problems; it is an overall perspective or opinion about a book.  A critique is more detailed and more critical, giving you the information you’ll need to make the necessary corrections.

Please note that a critique is not the same as an edit; therefore, we will not correct any spelling, punctuation, syntax or jargon errors with a critique.

Book Critique (First Ten Pages)
Critical Analysis
10 Pages (5,000 Words)
Book Critique Standard
Critical Analysis
100 Pages (50,000 Words)
Book Critique Novel
Critical Analysis
200 Pages (100,000 Words)