Cynthia Monroe


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Love Lifted Me

Cynthia Monroe

Imagine that you’re a thirteen year old girl on a missionary trip in Mexico. You’re excited about the opportunity to help young orphans and everything seems to be going well until you find yourself separated from your group. On a frantic search for your group, you find yourself in one of the stores you thought they’d be in. They’re not there, but the man behind the desk says that they are. He then leads you to the back of the store where he covers your mouth, drags you into a room and rapes you. After you escape his grips,you find yourself reporting the crime to a different type of predator … one that is seldomly reported: a ministry leader who is more determined to protect the ministry’s name than the innocence of a young woman.

This was Cynthia Monroe’s story. Journey with Cynthia as she details a life of rejection, rape, abuse and heartache. Witness God’s unfailing love as He destroys the yokes that led Cynthia into the grips of spousal abuse, drug abuse, alcoholism, prostitution and much more. This powerful and engaging book will have you on the edge of your seat!

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