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How to Increase the Likelihood that Your Book Will Be Accepted (Hybrid)

It is the dream of most writers to be published through a Traditional Publisher or a Hybrid Publisher. Nevertheless, the process of submitting a book and waiting for the Publisher to respond can be quite nerve-wrecking. Finally, the Publisher responds with a decline and most authors are left wondering why the Publishers of their choices felt their books weren’t “good enough” to be backed by their name. After all, that’s what Traditional and Hybrid publishing entails.

You’ve decided to publish your book through Anointed Fire House, and we are honored that you believe in our name enough to want it on your book. However, it goes without saying that we cannot accept every book submission that we receive for obvious reasons. How do you increase the chances that your book will be accepted? Please read the tips below:

Take a writers’ class. The average author has no training and for this reason, retailers like Walmart do not publish self-published books. Additionally, as publishers, we want to protect our names as well, therefore, books that are not properly written are likely to be rejected. Author who take writers’ classes are less likely to make the same mistakes that 80% of first-time authors make!

Be willing to invest in your book. Why would a publisher invest time, effort and money into a book that you do not believe in? Your investment speaks volumes about the faith you have in your book’s potential! Most people believe they have a best-seller on their hands, but the word “invest” will almost always separate the hopefuls from those who actually have great books.

If at first you don’t succeed, try try again. If we reject your book, publish it via our Self Publishing platform. This helps to establish a relationship between you and the publisher. If your book is done in excellence and the publisher believes you have a market for what you’re teaching, your second book just may be accepted. In other words, don’t give up after one rejection letter.

Sign up to write for Anointed Fire Magazine. One of the main reasons books are rejected is because the author, simply put, is not a skilled writer or the author lacks in-depth revelation. Nevertheless, these flaws aren’t fatal in the writers’ market; they simply mean the writer needs to get more experience as a writer. While our screening process for Anointed Fire Magazine can be quite tedious, we are more flexible when accepting writers for the magazine because we can reject the articles we can’t use and indirectly train the writers.

Proofread your book before submitting it. Sure, as a Hybrid Publisher, we will ensure that your book is professionally edited and formatted, but because of the number of submissions we receive, we can’t invest too much time into trying to figure out what the author intended to say.

Relationships matter. We’ll go ahead and say what most publishers will not tell you. Who you know is important in the publishing arena! And not just who you know, but who’s willing to back your book! If you can get a foreword from a notable author, your book’s likelihood of being accepted increases by more than 75%! This is true for ALL publishers!

Be willing to listen to the publisher. If you’ve chosen the title, format and artwork for your book, and you’re not willing to allow the publisher to make any changes, chances are, your book will be rejected.

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