Publisher’s Paradise

Publisher’s Paradise

The Publisher’s Paradise is our own little reserved spot for Publishers, both large and small.  If you are placing your own name or your publishing company’s name on your book’s cover, you are a Publisher.

All of our pricing throughout our site is for customers who desire to list Anointed Fire as their publishing company unless they intend to order Self Publishing for themselves, but when a Publisher is publishing someone else’s book, that Publisher has to register as a Self Publisher and pay the necessary fees.

Anointed Fire, like most Publishers, extends affordable pricing to expand our company and build our portfolio, but as a Self Publisher, you’ll likely want us to remove our name from the book covers designed by us or the books published by us.  At the same time, you may even request that we not list the books designed or published by us in our portfolio.   This means, we get no credit, therefore, we get little to no exposure for that particular book, and because of this, we have to charge different rates to Publishers.

We charge Publishers the same rates that we charge our everyday customers, however, should a Publisher request either of the following, they will be charged for the services they request (prices below):
1. That we remove our name from the book’s cover.
2. That we not list the books designed or published by us in our portfolio.
3. That we not list our names in the books or any other sites as the book’s Publisher.

Remove Our Name from Book Cover
$149 (Per Cover)

Remove Our Name from Book
$249 (Per Book)

Remove Book Cover From Portfolio
$99 (Per Cover)

Start Your Own Publishing Company

Did you know that you can start your own Christian publishing company through Anointed Fire and pay the same rates that our customers pay without having to pay to remove your name from every individual book cover or book published through us?  Well, it’s true.

How does this work?
If you’re interested in starting your own Christian publishing company through Anointed Fire, you’d first choose the package below that best suits your needs.  Next, we’d set up a conference call with you to answer any of the questions that you may have.   After the call, we will send you a contractual agreement and an online contract to fill out.  Once you’ve completed the contract, the form will automatically direct you to our payment processor to pay for the package of your choosing.  If you’re interested in starting a publishing company through Anointed Fire, please click here to schedule a conference.

Become a Sub-Entity of Anointed Fire

As a sub-entity of Anointed Fire, your company’s name will be listed on the books published by Anointed Fire as a division of Anointed Fire.  For example, if your Publishing company’s name is AmviPublishing, your company’s name will be listed as AmviPublishing (a division of Anointed Fire).

This package is great for Publishers who simply want to test out the book publishing market without making a huge investment into the market.  Additionally, Anointed Fire does not keep any of your company’s profits.  You are your own boss.  We do, however, list book covers published under sub-entities in our portfolio.

Start Company Independent of AF

You can be independent of Anointed Fire, whereas, we don’t list our name on any books published by you, nor will we list our names on any of the book covers designed for you.  Please note, however, that with this package (as with all other packages unless otherwise noted), Anointed Fire will not train you to publish books, teach you to design book covers, or perform any of the services we offer.  Instead, your company would simply take the orders from your own site, pay us our required fee, and submit the information from those orders to us.  We’d simply fill the orders and you’d get the credit.

Book Publishing Training
Starts at

With this package, you can learn to operate independent of Anointed Fire.  We will teach you:
1. How to format books.
2. How to publish books through our preferred printer.
3. How to distribute books.

We will also:
1. Teach you how to save thousands of dollars publishing books, therefore, maximizing on the profit you will earn through each individual sale.
2. Create a contractual agreement for your publishing company.
3. Help you come up with the name and slogan for your publishing company.
4. Create a website for your new publishing company (if your package allots).
5. Teach you the basics of customer service (upsells, conflict resolution, etc.).
Click here for more information.